he sixth season was dedicated to Thomas Bayrle. We began in February with a lecture on the artist by Chus Martinez; then installed sculptures by Jordan Wolfson and heard him share his thoughts on the painter Michel Majerus; then installed films by Daniel Kohl and heard a discussion between him and Thomas Bayrle; then installed dozens of drawings of cars by Erik Thys and hosted him and his brother Harald Thys for a performative lecture on car design; then heard Kevin Slavin and Thomas Bayrle talk about algorithms; then installed photograms and a slide projection by Sunah Choi; then installed a drawing by Cristóbal Lehyt; then flew Dr. Rashid Bashir in from Illinois to talk about bio-bots; then allowed Lena Henke and Andrei Koschmieder to change the space completely and start over again; then played a recordings by Bernard Schreiner alongside new works by Jana Euler and Thomas Judin; and then ended with a concert by Offenbvrg. Thank you.

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