he work by our "anchor artist" changes every four weeks, throughout the six-month season. While the commitment to a single artist establishes a sustained reference point, the changing display of works provides different types of questions and propositions. Used as a lens through which to consider the contemporary context, this context also allows for contributions by other artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, or thinkers from all over the world. Some of these projects last a few hours, while others last a few weeks, and each one ensures that our interpretations remain fluid, active, and constantly renewed.

Under the umbrella of Hunter College, we’re translating the learning- and research-based nature of an educational institution into an associative and generative curatorial model where existing knowledge is tested, complicated, and propelled elsewhere. Rooted in ongoing discussions in a graduate seminar at Hunter but based in a storefront space on the Lower East Side, The Artist’s Institute pays tribute to the spirit of a single artist with rigor, commitment, and imagination.

Please stop by regularly, or whenever you’re in the neighborhood.